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"Flash mob" is taking over the world !

Origins of the coining flash mob are thought to relate to the term flash crowd, which was the title of a 1973 science fiction story by author Larry Niven.

The story talked about the idea of instantaneous transportation to any location on earth, with the consequence that tens of thousands of people worldwide could flock to the scene of any interesting or newsworthy event.

The term flash crowd is also used in Internet contexts to describe the situation where a website suddenly and unexpectedly attracts a surge of interest from large numbers of people.

The flash mob movement has been spreading like a disease, ever since the first initiated flash mob took place in New York on June 17th 2003.

The whole world appears to have been infected!

For psychologists, the phenomenon is hard to understand. Strangers meet up, hold a sort of ritual and leave again, without knowing if they'll see one another again and without at least reflecting on the experience they've shared.

It will be interesting to see if the flash mob movement is a passing craze or something more permanent, uniting people from all over the world, and whether this is seen as positive or negative.

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