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Just look when the next flash mob event will take place (select continent above!) and - if possible - get in touch with us beforehand via email.

On the day, all the people who want to take part in the event meet up at the given place, at the given time. Without any further announcement, they 'perform' the given flash mob 'action'.

You can bring all your friends and acquaintances. The more people who take part in the flash mob events, the better. This causes more confusion for the passers-by - the uninitiated.

That's how easy flashmob is!

You'll also be able to see the reaction of the passers-by on the internet (if you weren't able to experience it 'live'). One or several "Event Guides" will be sent to every flash mob event in order to record everything that happens.

As a flash mob member, you'll be informed of coming events taking place in your area.

CODE OF CONDUCT: is independent, not associated with any political parties and is incorruptable.

The laws of the country in which a flash mob event takes place must be strictly adhered to.

Danger to those involved and those not involved in flash mob events must be avoided at all costs. This also applies to direct and indirect damage to property.

As long as the basic idea of flash mob events isn't altered, the website may and shall include commercial elements, in order to finance it.

Flash mob events are not commerical events. Exceptions may be considered, but must be cleared in advance.

Any such attempt to use these events for commercial gain without approval, will be refused. The same applies to events organised by other groups, which contradicts this Code of Conduct.

To report a violation of the rules above-mentioned, please contact us.