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Event Guides wanted - anyone can become an Event Guide with!

What is an Event Guide?

An Event Guide takes care of the flash mob event from the planning stage up to the documentation of the event. He/She edits the Event Announcement, takes part in the event as an observer, takes photos and writes a short commentary about the event.

What are the pre-requisites for becoming an Event Guide?

Apart from being reliable, 2 things are required: he/she must have internet access and a digital camera.

How long does the Event Guide job last?

Only as long as the event. If you would like to report on several events, then all you need to do is register yourself for the events. And if you've got more time and enjoy doing it, you can be the Event Guide for all events in your area.

How do you become an Event Guide?

Just look at the event list for your area and check if we've already got a Guide for the event (this is shown by the symbol under each event date). If you're interested, click on the symbol, fill in the short questionnaire, send it - and you're done! You'll receive any other information from us via email. If we've already got an Event Guide, the symbol won't appear under the date in the event list. We still hope you'll take part in the flash mob event and contribute to the flash mob idea, 'infecting' more people.

Tip: why not come up with your own exciting flash mob event for your area? If your idea is chosen, you'll definitely be Event Guide for YOUR flash mob event.

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