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Mob-free Flash Games, as a pastime

Simple, but well done miniature golf game.

Potato Game
Peel, until you get blisters on your hands.

Airport Madness 1
Nice little strategy game, that can really make you addicted.

Extremely acrobatic sports performance (suitable for lazybones, too).

Traveler IQ
Good for those whose knowledge of PISA is not restricted to the Leaning Tower.

If you're not yet overcharged by the latest MJ Thriller Flash Mob.

Burger Tycoon
Manage a Fastfood Empire as a whole. Very exciting, but it's not that easy.

Hot Dog Bush
George "Dubya" Bush runs a hot dog stand in NYC. Wanna go help him?

Driving Mad
Nice golf game, if you don't mind some natural obstacles.

Just lift off and relax (sound on, please!).