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User terms & conditions

The use of services and the content of the website is open to all lawful groups.The website administrator reserves the right to restrict, edit or omit any activities he sees as necessary, without giving a reason.
The services and content the website has to offer is free of charge to private users, apart from where a specific fee for certain services is indicated.

Users need to acknowledge the following points:

  1. The sender accepts all responsibilty for any given information/ contributions. The same applies for single entries in the data bank.

  2. The up-loading of photos and the entry of texts and comments with an illegal content - in particular insults, slander, glorification of violence, discriminatory comments/photos or pornography - is forbidden. This also includes the content of any possible links the user has made available to other users of the website.

  3. When using texts or photos from a secondary source, the user must adhere to the copy right of the original author/photographer/owner. If necessary, the user must publish the permission granted by the copy right owner on the website, before sending the material or alongside it. As long as the user or sender, the original author is, the permission is taken as granted.

  4. The sender of the above named material exempts the administrator from all third party rights.

The administrator has the right to discontnue or adjust all or part of the website at any time. The website is not assured or guaranteed. Users use the website at their own risk. All kinds of claims for compensation are excluded.

For further information see the liabilty clauses in the imprint.